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Everyone has their forum. That one group they started with and will always be tied to, that even though they moved on in terms of cars. For me that group is BayAreaPrelude. This upcoming tuesday (4/19) will mark 6.5 years that I’ve been a member of BAP, and through that time I’ve seen the community shrink and grow a bunch of times. As of recently though, the future of BAP has looked pretty grim. After a drama filled year or so drove a bunch of people away, and some of us that stuck around just stopped caring, it was looking like the forum’s days were numbered. Some of us tried to revitalize the group, but nothing we were doing seemed to really work.

Last week however, a miracle happened. Derrick organized what I thought was going to be another small meet, but turned out to be reminiscent of BAP meets of yore. So much that Nat, aka “BAP mom” for those who don’t know, called it “the new generation”. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here’s some photos.

All the 3rd gens lined up. Definitely crowded out by the 5th gens, but when you consider that they’re all at least 19 years old, you realize there aren’t going to be as many as there would’ve been even 5 years ago.

Nice to finally see Derrick’s turbo build done. He’s been talking about doing it for years, and it’s good to see someone’s dream build come true.

Just in case you forgot who makes the Prelude.

The last time I saw this car it looked quite a bit different, but that was a couple years ago when Mario still owned it. I know he pulled a bunch of shit off before he sold it, but at least it still has the H22, carbon fiber hood and a set of beautiful BBS RAs. Can’t wait to see what the new owner (who’s name I always forget) does with her.

I’ve always loved what Glanny has done with his car. It’s got so much going on that you have to take a few passes to catch it all.

One of the details I love is that he kept the stock plate tub on his carbon fiber trunk. I mean, he’s kind of a hipster with the mass of stickers (crazy HP yo!), but he’s doing his car up the way he wants and it looks damned good.

Clean red paint + flat black hood = b-e-a-utiful.

I still see rim, go can lower.

Seriously pissed with myself that I couldn’t manage a good shot of Russ’ wheels. Laughing at the fact that you can clearly see the hood badge through the bra, it’s the automotive equivalent of hard nipples.

Noble’s lude, which he named Choochoo or something, that actually has a front bumper. Hope he remembers to not drive in the rain on bald tires with this one.

As Lamcke pointed out, I was humping this 3rd gen all day. Completely made me consider going out and picking up another one because it made me miss mine.
At first I didn’t like the look of slips on 3rd gens, but the combo of polished with that beautiful red paint is definitely winning me over.

I wish I had snapped a wider shot of Jeremy’s car. There really isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this car. Could use a Mugen wing though, just sayin.

Speaking of…

I once saw this on a car that I knew was the other way around. Definitely not the case with Rico’s car, which has changed more in the last year than most show car’s I’ve seen. The best part is that he’s done it all himself.

At some point Amit decided that his car was a 4×4 and belonged off road, or a rolling stereo. Either way it looks damned good.

Of course we weren’t excluding non-Preludes from the meet. Hell, I haven’t had a ‘lude for almost 18 months. My buddy Sam has come out to a few meets with his E46. Eventually I’m gonna get a full shoot of his car with a couple other guys from Apple, when they all their cars decide to be fully functioning.

I’ve been pondering picking up an older Honda bike just like this one. I dont like the loud shouty things like what this rolled in with. I’ve always been more partial to the 40/50s style Harleys and Triumhs, but considering I don’t make enough to buy or even maintain something that old I’ll have to take one like this instead. Japanese reliability and whatnot.

Jimmy’s TSX. I may wind up picking one of these up as a family car in the future, if I haven’t already gotten an estate that I like more.

Nat & Jei’s beater STi. It’s too bad they didn’t bring out Jei’s S2000 or Nat’s DA, but then again I’m sure that Cammy would’ve been a handful in either.

Lamcke’s beloved “Fonda Odstar”. Never before have I seen someone put so much work into modding a car that they hate so much and has cost them so much. Complete with primer black paint job (which is the third version it’s had), a killer sound system and even a BBQ in the back. It’ll probably be set up totally differently in a few months, if it hasn’t completely died by then.

Apparently that area was marked “Creeper van parking only”.

Noble had enough foresight to contact MoGo BBQ to come out, and a huge thanks to them for doing it. Damnit, now I want another rib eye and bacon burrito.

They were also nice enough to let us add to their sticker collection. Jei threw a BlackTrax decal on while Noble filmed the occasion.

And I put a BAP decal where nobody would miss it. Not my first choice of placement, but they had an issue with us putting it over the “Bay Area” part of the Bay Area Dog.

Candid shot of Jei, Nat and Cammy. Friggin dog is a tank.

Right before I took this Noble was complaining about not being able to eat something because of some food allergy. “I can smell the gluten” or something like that. I think he should’ve just gotten some bacon and beef from MoGo without any bread.

And someone brought a live snack!

This is the scene I miss from car meets, people standing around sharing stories and tech tips and info. Take note Honda-Tech, not everyone needs to be a flaming douchewad.

Until next time, I’ll Leave you all with the pic that sums up the whole meet to me: great cars, great friends and great memories.

Facebook album here
Meet thread here


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3 responses to “BAP Spring Meet 2011 Edition

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  1. Nice Gordon! Good cover story! The pictures are awesome!

    Jeremy (650PreludeSH)
  2. Lovin the pictures Gordon! You definitely have an eye for brilliant pictures :]

  3. Dude I totally feel left out damn the move to texas!

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