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For the last few years, I’ve been privileged enough to crash (really we get invited since it’s in our lot) the iTunes car show. Every day I see some of these cars drive down the street, but I look forward to the show every year because it’s the perfect environment to unwind. Just hang out, talk cars, grab a beer and some great food, all with live music.

I poked my head out the back door of the gym earlier in the morning and saw this 599GTO sitting, and knew it was going to be a good afternoon.

I didn’t even know that the GTO was available stateside yet, but if the owner of this car is who I think it is, then I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t actually available.

And of course next to it was a beautiful F355 Berlinetta. Due to the endless parade of Ferraris through these shows, I think I’ve seen almost every model since the mid-80’s. Still waiting on the F40 and F50 to show up.

Finally got to take a look at Sam’s E46 since he got a bunch of work done a month or so ago. I work across the street from him, so why haven’t I seen it? Because racecar.

Fancy racing.
Sam has been bugging the shit out of me for the last 24 hours about these pics, and after getting them done I realize that they’re all artsy angles. Oh well, I guess he’ll get better shots if he ever decides to go to a track day on not in the middle of the week so I can go with.

Jon’s replacement for his Audi that was seemingly always “in the shop”. I think it’s a major upgrade, because why do you need more than two seats in a track car?

I asked if I could sit in it and his exact response was “sure, when there isn’t a Lambo sitting in front of it. There’s no e-brake, there’s just a rock holding it back”. After that, every time I saw someone anywhere near the car I just kept seeing that worst case scenario.

I tried to figure out what model 911 this is, but after 10 minutes on wikipedia I gave up because it just looked like a Beetle. An awesome looking Beetle.

Few cars can actually pull off the titanium exhaust, but I’ll have to add the STi wagon to the list.

Gorgeous example of the Beetle. It is a Beetle right?

I’d love to load this on my phone and show it to 8th gen Civic owners when they complain how their short hood makes it difficult to get to anything in the back of the engine bay.

If I owned this, I’d just leave it running through the whole show so people would have the pleasure of hearing that wonderful exhaust.

I laughed so hard when my manager’s brother walked up to this and said: “What is this? An Aston Martin for ANTS?! It needs to be, at least three times this size!”

Sometimes this Alfa’s owner will come to the gym super early in the morning, and its strangely eerie to see a flat black Alfa sitting on the street at 5am being backlit by a street lamp.

Completely accidental shot with the flare on the end of the badge. Also, very hard to edit because the red was super saturated.

In my opinion, hands down, best in show. Why? Because it’s a Jaaaaaaag!

Thanks again to David for putting this on every year!

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