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Planes of Fame 2011 – I   Leave a comment

For my birthday this year, my dad got us tickets to get into the Planes of Fame air show. More specifically, he got us passes to get out on the ramp at sunrise which are limited to only a couple dozen people per day. When I was a kid he showed me pictures of when he would be out on the ramp at Reno for daybreak, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so for me this was an amazing opportunity. I’ve also been eyeing a Canon wide angle lens, and thanks to I got to try one out before I committed to buying one. These shots are from probably the first hour or so that we were there. From here on out I’m going to just let the photos do the talking.

My dad picked up a Rebel T2i days before, and from the amount of pictures he took, I’d say he loved it.

That’s all i have edited for now, more to come later this week. Maybe. It’s a bit more time consuming than I thought it would be.


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Planes of Fame teaser   Leave a comment

Here are some teaser photos from the Planes of Fame air show at Chino from last weekend. I can’t believe it but of the 1583 photos I took, there were barely over 600 that were usable.

The issue I’m having at this point in selecting which photos to edit isn’t so much which ones are the best, it’s just such a vast selection to choose from in general. Because of this, I’ll probably have at least two posts in the next week.

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